Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Floors

On Monday of this week, our old floors (carpet and linoleum) started coming up and on Tuesday, our new wooden floors started going down. The crew that did the project (four different rooms) worked efficiently and very well - even aside from the fact that they're related to my brother-in-law. ;)

Our main floors rooms have really gotten a face-lift. So exciting! And here soon, our new counter tops will be installed in the kitchen. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all the household projects finished before Lindsey and Joe's move (which is very likely now)!


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Yesterday's BBQ

Yesterday, we had approximately 50 people over for a BBQ get-together. Thankfully, we were blessed with unbelievably beautiful weather! I had such a good time! It was a phenomenal group of friends, which made for a simply marvelous day.

Guests started showing up around 3 PM and the party broke up around 12:15 AM (11:15 PM after falling back). We consumed almost seven whole chickens, eleven of the twelve racks of ribs that were cooked, all of the three types of cole slaw, about half of the baked beans, almost seven pounds of corn (not on the cob), and close to 100 5-inch cookies!
We haven't had a big get-together like that in years and it was long overdue! We decided to do it this weekend, because Lindsey and Joe were going to be in town, Dad had promised some buddies that he'd have them over for ribs, and Joey had wanted to have some friends over. The time change was a bonus!
We're hoping to do this kind of thing again before too long.

I am so grateful for such a fantastic group of friends (and family)! Good times...