Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Look

You may have noticed that the other template is gone and I'm back to one of the 'standard' blogger templates. This is because I switched over to the new Blogger. So far, I like most of its features, although I miss that template! :/
However, they promise greater tweaking ability with the templates, so maybe I'll be able to pull something even better out of the magic hat. ;) Stay tuned!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Today Has Been a Good Day

No reason in particular... things have just gone well.

Starting with the fact that I actually *felt* like getting up and out of bed this morning when the alarm rang at 7... I haven't *felt* like getting up in the mornings in who-knows-HOW-long (probably because I haven't been getting enough sleep... story of my life!)!!! So, that was a good start to the day.

Then, everything seemed to go not only in a timely fashion, but AHEAD of schedule! That was a first! So, I actually finished up lunch with the kids by 12:30 pm and they were down for naps before 1... that was at least 30 minutes ahead of the usual time. So then I started a letter, wrote a few e-mails, went to the post office... all by 2 pm, which is when my 'free time' is usually just beginning. So, instead of using free time until 4 pm, like I usually do, I went downstairs to iron about 3:20. The plus to that was that I actually got all the ironing caught up (something that rarely happens!) and things went very tranquilly, with goûter, etc. It helped that the younger boys had piano and flute lessons today, because with fewer people (i.e. children) under foot, more is able to be accomplished. I even got an extra 45 minutes of 'free time' between 5:15 and 6, because of being ahead of schedule. Sure, there were things that could've been done, but Mme S. offered me the extra time and I couldn't refuse. ;)

Now, though, I'm just as tired as on any other night. Not much energy left!
But at least the day STARTED OUT with more energy than usual. That's something in itself.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Year in Review

I saw this idea on another blog and thought I'd steal it. They suggested taking the first post of every month in the past year and from each 'first post of the month,' take the last sentence. Apparently, in this way, one can get a cross-section of the year. I don't know how informative mine will be! You can be the judge of that...

Well! it's back to cleaning and organizing and all that good stuff. :D God bless!

She couldn't have said it better, had she tried. :)

Step by step we CAN restore society!

I wish you all the best of this brand new month! God bless~

But speaking of lessons learned, I'm supposed to be learning my history for the quiz day after tomorrow! ;) So it's adieu for now... God bless!

And now my coach is about to turn back into a pumpkin, so I must be off! I hope to be back with you sooner than later... God bless!

Here's a picture from Friday, of Mom, Rose and I at St. Joseph's Shrine, and I'm on my way to bed! :D

This is it for now.... thank you for visiting my blog! :)

I've just updated my year-in-France blog, so if you'd like to see pictures of Cluny and an old chateau in the south of France and stuff like that, head on over to An American in Paris! :D See you there! :)

October (This one isn't actually my FIRST post of the month, because the first post of the month was only a graphic...)
It is 12:15 am on Thursday, October 5 and there are now fewer than 63 HOURS until Lindsey's wedding!!

I hope to be back to relate a few of the highlights in the near future.
Until then, tout de bon!

Hope your Advents are off to a good start! God bless!
~Until the next time~

Kinda funny to see them all next to each other like that, when those things were written over a period of twelve months! :)
...It's always interesting to see how much can change in the space of a single year (this past year certainly brought some big changes, perhaps the biggest of which was my sister's marriage)!!!

So, this being my first post of the new Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Seven, I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year!! Or, to borrow the words of a friend of mine, I would like to wish you: "Bonne Année, bonne santé pour toute l'année!" (Somehow, the French just seems more eloquent, but it loses in translation.)

Here's to 2007! May it be a good year according to God's Holy Will!!