Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Helloooo from Canada!!

Hello all!!

I am writing from the Great White North, where Mom, Rose and I are enjoying our stay. :) We were supposed to arrive in Ottawa on Thursday evening, but our flight from Chicago got cancelled, so we were forced to spend the night in the Windy City. We made the most of it, however, ;) and toured the Sears Tower right at sunset. Quite nice! The next morning, we flew out at 9 am and made it without further ado to the capital city of Canada (we even had a really nice official at customs :)).

This is all for now, because we're about to set out for a canoe ride! TTFN~

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Walmart Incident

Now, I realize that something with that title probably conjures up negative connotations in most minds. It would in mine. But I am happy to report that today's "Walmart Incident" was surprisingly positive. (Trust me, I wouldn't waste my time posting about Walmart if it weren't. :))

Mom, Rose and I were in Wally World this afternoon, carrying with us scrumptious shakes from Spangles. As we passed by the entry/exit on our way from one section of the store to the other, the door greeter - a man of about 55 - asked us, "Where's mine??" about the shakes. We laughed and walked on, but he continued speaking to us: "Anyway, you girls look very nice... because you're dressed like GIRLS and not like men!" He was most emphatic about it and very pleased to see us in skirts. We thanked him and moved on, marveling all the while. It can be so refreshing to be reminded (unexpectedly like that) that skirts really are appreciated. God bless that man... he happened to be the same one who wished Rose and me a good day as we were leaving Walmart on Saturday and then added, "And be careful out there." I don't know if we looked accident-prone ;) or rather vulnerable because of our dresses or merely like ladies, who indeed need protection. At any rate, both comments of his were kind... and refreshing.

However, the once-in-a-lifetime pleasantness, civility, and decency that we experienced at Walmart today didn't end with him. As we reached the van to leave, I went around to the passenger side but the gentleman in the driver's seat of the car next to us (to the right of the van) was just getting out. He said, "Oh, I'm sorry, dear!" (Or perhaps, "Oh, excuse me, dear!" I don't quite remember now.) I assured him that he was quite alright and waited for him to get out of the car. Being an older man of 70-something, it was taking him just a minute longer than it would take someone younger, so he said, "Give me a minute, please, while I get a running start." :) When he was on his feet, he turned and closed his door and then reached and opened mine, waited until I got in, and shut the door... and then went on his way.
It was amazing. There actually is just the last gasp of civilization left in this decrepit world!!

But I feel sure that neither incident would have happened had we not been wearing skirts. A woman in pants sends out the message that she's as good as any man and certainly doesn't need his help. I can not imagine either of those gentleman being "permitted" to act as they did today, by the average public school, teenage girl. They may not have attempted to at all, and I am sure the former would not have gone out of his way to compliment their clothing habits.

What a world we live in!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

June - Month of the Sacred Heart

June... it's been a lovely month so far. Busy as heck, but overall off to a pretty good start.

I felt that I should update here, for my own future reference ;) and to dust a few of the cobwebs off the ol' blog. ;) The fact is - blogging falls into the classification of a leisure time activity and leisure time has been hard to come by lately.
The past week has been largely spent doing sewing, wedding planning, paperwork for an au pair visa, and a little bit of video editing... all of which I must finish, as far as humanly possible, before we leave for Canada in two weeks. I must finish them because I will be gone for nearly a month, which is utterly too long to be a "break" from any project... so best to finish them beforehand, else I fear they would never reach completion. :)

Jim and Anna got married on Saturday (June 3). It was a very lovely and very large wedding and I was their videographer. (This explains the video editing that has been ongoing... slowly but surely.) Their wedding and reception were both so beautiful. And they themselves were simply charming. I'll post pictures of both of the recent weddings when I can. Next wedding up: Adam and Jenny! That'll be July 28. And after that: Adam and Christa!! Their wedding is planned for August 5. I have been honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid in the wedding and have accepted! It sounds very tasteful from what I've heard.

Oh, and I don't believe I informed my blog readers of the popularity of Lindsey's wedding date. :P There will be THREE weddings here in our very own chapel on that day!!! A.J. and Nicky, Matt and Andrea, Joe and Lindsey. 11, 1, and 3. Crazy, I tell you!! And besides, Tina's sister recently became engaged as well and she has also chosen October 7 as her wedding date (only their ceremony will be in Post Falls)!! The conflicts are incredible but we're working through them as best we can.
As far as our planning with Lindsey goes... it's going. :) We've had a number of bumps and jolts and there are a million things still to be ironed out. But the date is set. And the time is set. And we have bridesmaids' dresses and a Mother of the Bride dress. And we have a reception site. Outside of those things... LOTS yet to finalize... but we're making progress. :)

Meanwhile, Rose and I have both found and finalized opportunities to spend this coming year (or, rather, 10 months) in France!! The result: that many more decisions to make and that much more to do! We've had our own setbacks and speed bumps along the way, but nothing fatal so far. :) Our visas still have not been started processing, but hopefully that will happen very soon.

Thus things progress. And now my coach is about to turn back into a pumpkin, so I must be off! I hope to be back with you sooner than later... God bless!