Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Final Final is OVER!!!

WOW!!! It hasn't really even sunk in yet that I'm finished!!! I've completed (at least) the first two years of college and will get my A.A. on Saturday!!! I don't know for sure yet whether or not I will be going back to school after this (although I'd like to if it's possible and I have the time and money for it), so today may have been my LAST time to take exams!!! Wow.
They went decently (especially considering how little I was able to study for them)... although I'm a little scared to know how I did on today's tests. However, I'm confident that I did pass all of them (passing wasn't the goal, though... doing WELL was). ;)

I'm making progress regarding the plans for nannying in Paris next year. Things are coming along very satisfactorily as that goes. I'm actually getting excited about it!! I talked to the lady (my "employer") yesterday for the first time - for about 15 minutes. It was a very constructive and positive phone call. So that's a morale booster!

Tonight, Michelle and I are going to Topeka to enjoy ourselves and celebrate the end of finals, of the school year, and of our stint at SMC! Sounds like it'll be fun, even if it IS warm and sticky outside. ;)


Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21

Andy and Caitlin got married yesterday. Lovely wedding and lovely reception. If we can pull Lindsey's off as nicely, I'll be happy! :D (Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to post that Lindsey and Joe got engaged a little bit ago! They got engaged in Lake Tahoe on May 11!!!! :D The wedding is set for October 7 - along with everyone else in the world, but that's another story. ;))
Joegi graduated Pharmacy school at KU this weekend. So he's officially a "doctor" now. :)
It's been an absolutely crazy weekend, with friends (future family) visiting from out of town, a funeral, a wedding, and exams starting tomorrow. I've given up on being ready for finals. I'm just gonna do the best I can and leave it at that.
I have SOOOO much I need to do (think - Taming of the Shrew editing, finalization of plans for France, bridal shower planning, CLEANING MY ROOM, etc!)... and sooo little time. :( Maybe early June... maybe...

Anyway, I just thought I'd refresh my blog for my faithful readers. I must get back to outlining my last Metaphysics chapter now. Sara, I look forward to seeing you soon! God bless you all~

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Finding of the True Cross

Today is the Feast of the Finding of the True Cross... and our 16th anniversary of moving to St. Mary's! Hard to believe it's been 16 years... I remember when being here for ten years seemed like it was long time. :)

We're on the third day in this month of Our Lady and on the third day of a Rosary novena at Riverside Park, for the intention of putting our town in the hands of Our Lady and for the sanctification of St. Mary's. The turnout has been very good, including a number of parishioners from Immaculate Conception Church. It's a wonderful, beautiful idea and will undoubtedly reap great benefits for St. Mary's.

Three weeks of school remain!! To be specific, there are 12 more days of regular classes and 3 days of exams... graduation is 3 weeks from this Saturday. I'll actually have finished at least two years of college! :) It's maybe not such a great achievement by today's standards, but I'm proud of myself. I know that these two years of college have profited me a great deal, both in lessons learned in the classroom and lessons learned outside of it.

But speaking of lessons learned, I'm supposed to be learning my history for the quiz day after tomorrow! ;) So it's adieu for now... God bless!