Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Final Final is OVER!!!

WOW!!! It hasn't really even sunk in yet that I'm finished!!! I've completed (at least) the first two years of college and will get my A.A. on Saturday!!! I don't know for sure yet whether or not I will be going back to school after this (although I'd like to if it's possible and I have the time and money for it), so today may have been my LAST time to take exams!!! Wow.
They went decently (especially considering how little I was able to study for them)... although I'm a little scared to know how I did on today's tests. However, I'm confident that I did pass all of them (passing wasn't the goal, though... doing WELL was). ;)

I'm making progress regarding the plans for nannying in Paris next year. Things are coming along very satisfactorily as that goes. I'm actually getting excited about it!! I talked to the lady (my "employer") yesterday for the first time - for about 15 minutes. It was a very constructive and positive phone call. So that's a morale booster!

Tonight, Michelle and I are going to Topeka to enjoy ourselves and celebrate the end of finals, of the school year, and of our stint at SMC! Sounds like it'll be fun, even if it IS warm and sticky outside. ;)


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