Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pink Lake

We went, on Sunday afternoon, for a hike around Pink Lake... it is called Pink Lake after the man who previously owned it, not as an indication of its natural hue. :) It was very pretty and a nice hike (except for all the ups and downs - there were lots of stairs!). Fortunately, the July weather in the Great White North allows for outdoor excursions such as this one. Meanwhile, most of those who did not go on the hike went sailing and had an adventurous time (by the sounds of it). :)

Here is a picture of Pink Lake. Pretty, eh? ;)

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Britt said...

Looks like youre having a wonderful time up there! The shot of the lake is beautiful- the trees frame the water splendidly, which appears to fade off in the distance. My, you're quite the eye for a good picture!:) Keep it up, and have fun!