Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nearly Noel

20 days until my 21st Christmas! How the time does fly!

This year will be the first Christmas I've spent away from home... but, fortunately, I won't be entirely without family. Rose and I will be spending Christmas week in the Swiss Alps!! I bought the train tickets yesterday. We'll arrive there the evening of December 23rd. It'll be so nice to see snow again (it's been in the 50's around here). :)

I'm way behind on Christmas shopping (the little I'm able to do this year, what with very little time to go shopping and very little money to go shopping with) - as in, I've hardly started at all - but I have ideas! :)
And in the meantime, I'm trying to make a good Advent of it...

Hope your Advents are off to a good start! God bless!

~Until the next time~


Christalin said...

Have a great time in the Alps,Monnie!! That's awesome! This will be my first Christmas away from my familt too,but at least I am just going up with Adam's fam! :)

MrsDoc said...

Bon Advent to you to, Sweetie!
A very short, 3-week Advent this year!