Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February in France

Winter passed Paris by this year.
Unless it's this mild every year!

We had 2 or 3 days TOTAL where the temperature dropped below freezing (all the way down to 29 ;)).

And now, things are in bloom!!! Oh la la!

UPDATED to add that I was told we're about 15 days ahead of schedule this year. I guess the blooms all begin about mid-March. Not so this year. :)


Christalin said...

Now,that is NOT fair! I've been waiting for spring to come forever. Adam says that in order to appreciate spring you first have to have a real winter...he's probably right,but I think we've had enough cold weather by now! Enjoy your beautiful weather though! :)

MrsDoc said...

WOW!! That is unbelieveable!!!
What a beautiful blossom!
I hope there are still blooms when I arrive ;)
Love, Mom

MrsDoc said...

15 days ahead is still a pretty early spring! Must be a tad warmer than us, climate average-wise.
To think that Linds is buried in snow!! :)