Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tea Party '07

It has been a real nail-biting kind of day. At regular intervals, I have been impelled to come back to the WorldWideWeb and check the progress on Ron Paul's "Tea Party Money Bomb"! :) The goal was $10 million, with many hoping for at least $6 million realistically. With just 30 minutes left on today's donation clock (since it's based on the eastern time zone), the score is hovering right about six million dollars. In one day.

It's incredible!! How exciting!!! The last record (for funds raised online in a single 24-hour period) has already been broken, but we're hoping for more.

No matter how this day ends up, though, it's been just amazing to watch the ticker start at approximately 11,555,000 and - at the moment of writing - reach 17,687,933. Wow.

Thanks be to God!!

I'd like everyone to join me in a rosary novena from now until Christmas in thanksgiving to God that a man such as Ron Paul is even running for the Presidency at all... and in petition that things will go well for him. Please God, a good president!! Won't you please join me in one Rosary each day for the next nine days? The Rosary won the Battle of Lepanto. It enabled the most recent Motu Proprio to be released at long last. It can put a good man in office. It would take a miracle at this point to get a good man in the Presidential seat, but the Rosary is capable of it!


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John said...

Hey Monica, glad to hear you're on the Ron Paul bandwagon. He looked good in the Glenn Beck interview last night. Hope to see you at the Republican caucus on Feb 9th.