Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spring is Springing Creeping In

It's May 7 and it feels like Spring has been FOREVER in coming!! We dipped down to 35 degrees a couple of nights ago. It would seem that winter would rather hang around a little longer, much to most people's everyone's disgust. ;) I remember May mornings that were 70 degrees at dawn and 90 or so by 3 PM. Not that I'm anxious for those hot days. All I'm asking for is a little Spring weather... you know, the beautiful days, sunny and about 70 degrees, with stormy nights. THAT's Spring. :)

But I must be fair and admit that Spring is crawling in, slowly but surely. And that's nice! Nothing like a long winter to make one appreciate the sunshine!


MrsDoc said...

Lovely! Thanks for the beeeeeaauutiful photos!
L&P, Mom

MrsDoc said...

Did you ever notice that cloud "sitting on" the tree in the photo? Must be a Cloud Tree. :)