Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Again? So Soon?!

This past weekend was not really one of the restful variety, unfortunately. A number of things combined to make Saturday and Sunday a wearying couple of days - both physically and emotionally.

I so do not feel up to starting another week.

But, ready or not, here it comes!
This week is the clinic's long-anticipated moving week. We have a lot to do before the major move takes place! Today, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we'll be continuing to see patients (that includes a colonoscopy and an induction in addition to the usual full days of office visits), while we do our best to pack up - and in the evenings, those of us on the clerical side of things have orientation. (Makes me tired just thinking about it!) The moving crew will be hauling stuff to the other facility on Thursday.
This Friday through Memorial Day, we will be unpacking and setting up in the new (to us) building, hoping to be ready to begin clinic as usual at 8 AM on Tuesday, May 26.

It looks like the best that we can do right now is put a shoulder to the grindstone and plow ahead. When we look up, the week will be gone and so will another weekend. And - my goodness! - we'll be staring June in the face!

Better grab another cup of java...

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Maex said...

Hope the move goes well and that you're able to take a little time to escape all the current craziness. The past month or so has been ridiculously busy and hectic for me, but fortunately I was able to take this past weekend and do very little other than read a few good books and relax.