Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Step together, walk, walk, step together, walk, walk...

Rose has been teaching me dancing from her recently purchased dance instruction videos! :D Very fun stuff... when I can get the hang of it!! Today, she learned the L.A. Walk, the Boot Scootin' Boogie, and El Coyote and perfected the Two-step and the Texas Polka. The latter two are couple dances. The other three are all line dances... oh, and yesterday, she showed me the Schottish. Very cute and lots of fun and two girls can do it together and look okay when there are a shortage of guys who are willing to dance! :D

Have also been sewing - have a stack of projects to finish and just got fabric in the mail today that I ordered online. Very exciting!! I've picked up smocking again after two years. If you don't know what smocking is, it's a kind of embroidery you do on the tops of a bunch of little pleats and is usually used on baby clothes and little girls' dresses.

I started my summer semester of Math over at Highland Community College yesterday but the teacher had a doctor's appointment so we had a sub (on the first day of school!) so we'll meet him tomorrow... Math is Tuesdays and Thursday, 9 am to noon, until the end of July. :/

The cleaning of my room continues... I think it'll be a summer long process... no, more like a summer long WAR waged against the natural inclination to disorder!!! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Ever seen Princess O'Rourke or Roberta? They're old movies but very good. :D I like 'em a lot. Princess O'Rourke has Olivia de Haviland, Jack Carson, and Jane Wyman in it... Roberta is a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Why don't they make movies nowadays that just have plots?! It seems like movies without blaring, glaring, smashing, and crashing special effects just aren't made very often any more. It's a pity. If it doesn't have special effects, it's more than half the time indecent... okay, I like You've Got Mail and Return to Me for modern movies but there aren't a lot of newer ones like them... unless I'm missing something. In which case, comment on this post and let me know! ;) Any movies out there worth watching??

*steps down from the soap box*

I'm going to Ordinations at the end of this month. YAY!! It'll be my second time to go. Oh, and my sister and I have been invited to the banquet following the ceremony!!! Might be going to LaSalette Boys' Academy this weekend - don't know for sure yet. Possible trips to Denver and St. Louis are also on the drawing board - for August.

Oop, there's the call to dinner... gotta run! Thanks for reading... ttyl! God love you~

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