Friday, June 17, 2005


You know what I wanna do?

I want to open my own fabric store and dress-shop. I'm so tired of not having a selection of apparel fabrics. Everyone's into crafts so when you go to make clothes, all you can find is quilting prints in 100% cotton. Cotton is fine except that it wrinkles so and most people like more than just cotton in their closets. But it's practically impossible to find a decent selection of rayons, challis, or commercial-clothing blends. What I'd love to do is open a shop of different fabrics, with an emphasis on apparel-type materials, with a joint store selling dresses, skirts, blouses and perhaps children's clothes too.
But Reality strikes and I realize the SLIM chances of such a dream ever coming true... especially here in small-town Kansas. It's a pity. :(

Well, those are some of my thoughts this Friday night.
B'bye for now. God bless~

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