Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long time...

Oof! It's been too long since I've updated!

I'm doing well (minus a nasty cold I can't seem to shake) and staying PLENTY busy!! (Many apologies to those of you I haven't been able to keep well in touch with!! I'm sorry!!) In 5 hours I will be starting my annual retreat - this time an Ignatian one, preached by Frs. Griego and Goettler. It should be excellent! I would very much appreciate it if you would all keep me in your prayers most especially this week. Thank you so much~

This past week did feel like forever with the guys gone on their retreat... but I was still very occupied with work, school, play practice, and "to do" lists. :)
As it is, I probably ought to finish this up here... I have yet to pack for retreat, need to finish some correspondence and call a couple of people before this afternoon. So a very happy St. Joseph's Day to you all (and a belated Happy St. Patrick's Day)!! Prayers, PLEASE!!! God bless~
I'll be back in a week or so. :)


Sara Jane III said...

How does on even comment? 'Say, have an awesome time at retreat'? hehe, just doesn't sound proper. anyway, hope you enjoy it all!!

Sara Jane III said...


MrsDoc said...

*Sends prayers* We miss you, Monnie! But you belong to God so have a good Retreat!! Love, Mom