Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April's Almost Over!!

Yikes - it's been over three weeks since I updated!!

My life is absolutely crazy. I'm tellin' ya! I'm not just making up excuses this time. :P
Just for example, this evening alone I was asked to go to four different occasions/events. I had to pick ONE since their times concurred... so I went to Larry's birthday outing (you'd better be grateful for my presence, Larry, if you're reading this!!! ;) ...hehe... j/k). On top of my social life, I've got school to attend, work to squeeze in between classes and homework to complete... those are not in order of priority. In the long term, I'm looking at a wedding in the family in six months' time!!! I'm honored to be asked to be the maid of honor, but boy! it's a lot of work!! Well... not quite yet. But it's a lot to do. But, fortunately, so far, a lot of fun! :) I really like it. Plus, I'm planning/looking at going to Paris this next year. Scary but exciting!! :D Add to that the froo-frah of my graduation and Rose's. And friends' upcoming weddings - one the weekend before Grad and one the weekend after. Bizzy! :D

Anyhow, Holy Week was really good. I was able to get to to all three Tenebraes and Joe and I knelt together at the Good Friday ceremonies (with Mom, Rose and Joey). Went to the Easter Vigil (Lindsey and Joe were in from Kansas City for that). Easter Sunday was a BEE-YOO-TI-FUL day. Sunny and in the high 70's. Soooo nice. We spent a deal of time outside loving it. (Btw, Happy Easter, everyone!!)
Britt is in town for the time being (until Saturday), so I saw her briefly on Holy Saturday and this past Wednesday and we had some good conversation, catch-up time and all that good stuff... watched a movie too.
My History paper was originally due this past Friday but it was bumped to yesterday, because there was a conflicting quiz scheduled.
Linds and Joegi were in again this weekend, which is always so enjoyable! I went with them to the square dance Friday night for a couple of hours. Fun stuff!! :D Saturday night, we watched National Treasure. And Sunday, we hung out for awhile and then some of us went to Rose's Spring Recital while Joe and Linds visited friends ...Unfortunately, on their way back to KC, they got caught in a BAD hail storm in Lawrence. Sounded pretty scary for awhile. 1.5 to 2 inch hail stones and some fierce weather. Meanwhile, Mom and I were able to get some decent lightning pictures. :D ...and the tent in our backyard was getting mutilated! :(

Okay, so there's a very brief synopsis of the whirlwind that's my life! ;) I'm supposed to be getting sleep at the moment, because I'm very deprived of that precious comodity... so I'd best be off. Hope to check back in again soon. :) Adios!


Christalin said...

Thanks for the interesting update, Monnie!! Your blog is always fun to read.:)
How many days 'til Grad? Is Joe graduating as well? I will definitely be at your and Rose's big day. How exciting, huh?! It's gone WAY too fast. Just think, in just over three months I will be married too!! I hope you will be around for that as well as my bridal shower...you seem to like being soiciable! ;)
Keep us all posted!

Britt said...

wowzers! Some lil lady is busy! I guess it's a good thing, though...once you get out of college, you probably won't have quite so many social obligations... so enjoy it while you can!:) God bless, and thanks for the update!

L. said...

Good to hear from ya! Hehe, maybe I'll 'surrect a new blog here, soon... of an entirely different nature! :)

Sara Jane III said...

I'll be seein' ya in about a month! Holy cow. This next week is crammed with exams and papers. Hope you experience a great finals week, if it's possible.

Monnie said...

Christa... it's just about 27 days 'til grad now!! I think that's only three weeks of regular classes. Hard to believe!! Yes, Joe will be graduating as well. I hope I'll be here for your bridal shower! You'll have to let me know when it is... I'll definitely be here for the wedding. :)

Sara... I look forward to seeing you again! How long will you be here?dmlyt

Monnie said...

(wups... sorry about the 'dmlyt' there - that was the first part of the word verification! ;))