Saturday, April 01, 2006

Welcome, April!

"In like a lion; out like a lamb." So runs the typical saying about March, but I think this year it was more like, "In like a lamb; out like a lion" as the month finished off with terrific thunderstorms and nearby tornadoes...

It's after midnight, so although it still feels like March 31 to me, I'm here to welcome in the new month... why, I don't know... I ought to be getting what sleep I can since tomorrow night I'll lose an hour! :) Therefore, I'll try to keep this brief. ;)

Today was a very busy day! I awoke at 6:30 and began anew to cram history notes into my poor little noggin. Our mid-term was today... study as one might, the amount of material on History mid-terms and exams is nearly impossible to learn thoroughly!! The school day began at 9 with Physical Science class... in which we had a "pop" quiz on radioactivity and the like. Immediately thereafter, I went to work. The baby of the family (about 4 months old) is sick... sick enough to be admitted to a hospital in Topeka last/Thursday night. So the older children were home with Dad today. I picked up as much as I could in 30 minutes and headed back to Theology. We continued the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist in that class... talking about multilocation, transubstantiation, consubstantiation, and the Real Presence. Thereupon followed Spiritual Conference, in which I snatched a few moments to study History. I had to go home for lunch, as there hadn't been time to pack lunches this morning. The next hour, I frantically studied (and panicked) with Megan right up until the bell rang. "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." :P Indeed it did... my History mid-term went pretty badly. :/ I won't know the results for a few days though... Last class of the day was Metaphysics - a lovely subject to have last hour on a Friday! ;) (<-- That would be sarcastic. ;)) At 4 o'clock, the Reading Room was locked (and will be for a week) because of a broken table and knotted curtains. *sigh* Oh well... I have no clue where we're going to put our books since the locker room is also off limits, but... c'est la vie!
Right after school, I went back to work. No one was home, since they were all out picking up the first-grader. After stopping by the house briefly, they went to Topeka to see their mom/wife and sister/daughter... I folded piles of laundry and then cleaned the kitchen. It took 2 1/2 hours but at least there wouldn't be a mess awaiting them when they arrived home again. :)
I got home about 6:45 and ate dinner. Mom and I went by the liquor store and got a couple bottles of wine for a friend whose birthday it was. We went by her house and enjoyed chocolate cake and red wine with her. When we got home, it was nearly 9 pm... Mom and I watched a movie (while Joey got ready for tomorrow's away-baseball-game, while Rose recorded for the CD she and some friends are making and while Dad got home from delivering a baby).
That about sums it up!! Haven't had much spare time today! Hopefully, tomorrow (which is already here) will be productive as well. :)

..........I can't believe college graduation is less than two months away for me! :O

Welp! (To quote my best friend. ;)) That's all for now. :)
I wish you all the best of this brand new month! God bless~


MrsDoc said...

Welp!? What is that a cross between?

Monnie said...

Haha - it's not a cross between anything. It's just Britt's way of saying, "Well." :P

Sara Jane III said...

Sure sounds busy down there. I just found out that we are able to have the Vigil again this year at the Chapel. *excitement!!*

See you in two months!

Britt said...