Thursday, June 08, 2006

June - Month of the Sacred Heart

June... it's been a lovely month so far. Busy as heck, but overall off to a pretty good start.

I felt that I should update here, for my own future reference ;) and to dust a few of the cobwebs off the ol' blog. ;) The fact is - blogging falls into the classification of a leisure time activity and leisure time has been hard to come by lately.
The past week has been largely spent doing sewing, wedding planning, paperwork for an au pair visa, and a little bit of video editing... all of which I must finish, as far as humanly possible, before we leave for Canada in two weeks. I must finish them because I will be gone for nearly a month, which is utterly too long to be a "break" from any project... so best to finish them beforehand, else I fear they would never reach completion. :)

Jim and Anna got married on Saturday (June 3). It was a very lovely and very large wedding and I was their videographer. (This explains the video editing that has been ongoing... slowly but surely.) Their wedding and reception were both so beautiful. And they themselves were simply charming. I'll post pictures of both of the recent weddings when I can. Next wedding up: Adam and Jenny! That'll be July 28. And after that: Adam and Christa!! Their wedding is planned for August 5. I have been honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid in the wedding and have accepted! It sounds very tasteful from what I've heard.

Oh, and I don't believe I informed my blog readers of the popularity of Lindsey's wedding date. :P There will be THREE weddings here in our very own chapel on that day!!! A.J. and Nicky, Matt and Andrea, Joe and Lindsey. 11, 1, and 3. Crazy, I tell you!! And besides, Tina's sister recently became engaged as well and she has also chosen October 7 as her wedding date (only their ceremony will be in Post Falls)!! The conflicts are incredible but we're working through them as best we can.
As far as our planning with Lindsey goes... it's going. :) We've had a number of bumps and jolts and there are a million things still to be ironed out. But the date is set. And the time is set. And we have bridesmaids' dresses and a Mother of the Bride dress. And we have a reception site. Outside of those things... LOTS yet to finalize... but we're making progress. :)

Meanwhile, Rose and I have both found and finalized opportunities to spend this coming year (or, rather, 10 months) in France!! The result: that many more decisions to make and that much more to do! We've had our own setbacks and speed bumps along the way, but nothing fatal so far. :) Our visas still have not been started processing, but hopefully that will happen very soon.

Thus things progress. And now my coach is about to turn back into a pumpkin, so I must be off! I hope to be back with you sooner than later... God bless!


L. said...

Did your fax ever get through to France? :)

Monnie said...

It did to one of the people that needed it, but not to the other one. Ever. So I am going to have to scan the documents and e-mail them.

Sara Jane III said...

busy busy. and when I think how lucky I am to just sit back and relaaax. and if that were true, I wouldn't be laughing to myself.
Love ya!