Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Still Registering

I'm going to Poland.

*rereads that sentence*

I'm going to POLAND?!!???

Yes, I am. I'm going to Poland! I'm going from May 2 to May 10. And I still can't quite believe it. It has all fallen into place VERY quickly - as in, within a week. This is an amazing and wonderful opportunity for me. I would appreciate it if you would join your prayers to mine in thanksgiving for this gift from God and in petition that it will go smoothly and be grace-filled (or are those two-things mutually exclusive?? LOL!).

God bless and the Immaculate Heart guide you all.


Christalin said...

POLAND?!?! What are you doing there? Wow! I am very happy for you though! :)

Monnie said...

I'll be visiting the Priory of the SSPX... should be quite the trip to remember!

Sara Jane III said...

Ahhh!!! sounds uber exciting.. for how long will you be there?

Monnie said...

Just over a week.

Bakerstreetrider said...

I was very blessed to visit Poland last year. While you are there, I recommend that you visit Krakow, Jasna Gora (with the famous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, or however it is spelled), and most of all, Auchwitz. That concentration camp is left almost entirely intact. It's indescribable, and it will change your life for the better. Go if possible.