Monday, April 07, 2008

Cleaning, Cooking, and Company

On Thursday, Rose and Joey and I cleaned house! Friday morning, I worked at the clinic. That night, Mom and I watched The Pelican Brief with Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington.

On Saturday morning, we had nine seminarians (ten, counting my brother) over for breakfast after 7:30 Mass. Rose and I cooked almost all morning! We went through four dozen eggs, two loaves of bread, two packages of sausage, two packages of bacon (no doubt it would've been more if we had had more :)), three cans of orange juice concentrate, a can of apple juice, five pots of coffee, four jars of peach slices, and a quantity of chocolate.

I don't think they had eaten at all during Lent.
Suffice it to say, Mom thought it would be a good idea to write Fr. Le Roux a condolence letter on account of his food bill. :D We are not used to such a quantity of food here!! Especially since right now, there are only four people living here - three of us female and none of us growing! :)

Saturday afternoon, we cleaned up a bit again - swept the floors, put together a kind of guest room, prepared the chapel for Mass, etc.
Joey brought Fr. Abbet home with him after Compline that night.

Sunday morning, we had Mass at 8 am in our little chapel. Words cannot express how great that was!! We visited over coffee and then Father and Joey left for the 10 am Mass at the Auditorium (for Good Shepherd Sunday, all the seminarians were in town). Mom went up for the sermon and went to Confession. Shortly after she got home, she and Rose and I went up to the parish picnic.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and we were blessed with beautiful weather. Five hours later, we returned home with mild sunburns to start dinner... We visited with Fr. Abbet over dinner and dessert.

This morning, Father said Mass for us at 7:15. We had waffles, eggs, and bacon for breakfast and then bid him and Joey adieu and au revoir as they left for Minnesota.

It was a very nice weekend.


MrsDoc said...

Thank you for the wonderful post!
God is good. Let's keep these good memories!

Seby said...

Salut Monnie!

L'abbé Abbet est venu chez vous? Woa, that's cool! Je ne savais meme pas qu'il etait aux USA...
Tout de bon,