Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This Spring, we have flowers in the yard! Thanks to embedding bulbs in God's green earth last Fall, we have - with minimal effort - beautiful blooms... which delight the females of this household to no end. :)

The daffodils had a cheerful season, but are now - so soon :( - past their prime. The tulips are now at their glorious peak. The bleeding hearts are prolific. The irises show great promise by their rapid growth. And the tiger lilies shouldn't be long after that.

Yay!! :)
So, of course, to complete this tale, I will share some pictures.

A sprig of bleeding hearts
This tulip seemed to be looking out curiously from where it was rooted in the garden bed to the great, green world beyond.
(Isn't it amazing the way the sunlight from beyond the flower makes it look almost as though the flower is illuminated from within?)

And this pretty little tulip brought the phrase "the belle of the ball" to my mind, because it was the only pink tulip among a company of several purple tulips, which were gathered 'round it in such a way as to suggest that they were so many admiring suitors.
(Please see the following picture.)

The "beaux" of the "belle" fade into the background.
(Maybe you just would have had to have been there! :))

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