Thursday, May 19, 2005

"She's back... and this time, she's busy!" :P

Hello, hello...

Yes, I'm back and yes, I'm busy. :) I'm taking a brief hiatus from my studies to say hello and reassure any worried souls that I am still alive... I know, there are VERY few of you out there who were worried at all... perhaps a few might have even been relieved at the thought. :P At any rate, I just want everyone who reads this to say a prayer (or two... or three... or four...! :D) for me as my college exams start May 24. There's no conceivable way to be truly, thoroughly prepared for them all so all I can do is give them my best...

Life here continues to FLY past. It's absolutely unreal. Incredible that another year has gone by so soon. In ten days, all of my out-of-state friends (which comprises the great majority of my friends) will be going home. *sob* ...funny to think, however, that these people whom I am now so attached to didn't know me and I didn't know them a mere nine or ten months ago.

Life is funny... (not always in a humorous way). But now is not the time to consider such things. My hiatus is over and to my books I am bound to return... God bless you, one and all.


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