Saturday, July 02, 2005

Me again

Yikes, it's been what? two weeks since I posted? Wups. ;)

Well, last weekend I went up to Minnesota for Ordinations with my sister and a few friends. We got up there Friday night and left Sunday after brunch. It would've been nice to stay longer but it was good to go even as it was. :) I met some fantastic people and a had a very enjoyable time. Monday and most of Tuesday, I was home. Tuesday afternoon, I came into Kansas City to visit my sister - and that's where I am still. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, I did transcription for Angelus Press. I've also been workin' on my online Math course and trying to catch up on e-mails. And my blogs. ;)

Went swimming yesterday for the first time in probably a year. That was great. :D Then went to Half-Price Books, an awesome bookstore that I can easily spend hours in!! The other day, I spent $65 there and got six books, three movies and a CD. :) I love books and bookstores!!! We may go to more today.

There's not a lot to report; it's just been busy. But for those of you I haven't e-mailed yet, I AM alive and will try to write again soon. :P


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