Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Helloooo from Canada!!

Hello all!!

I am writing from the Great White North, where Mom, Rose and I are enjoying our stay. :) We were supposed to arrive in Ottawa on Thursday evening, but our flight from Chicago got cancelled, so we were forced to spend the night in the Windy City. We made the most of it, however, ;) and toured the Sears Tower right at sunset. Quite nice! The next morning, we flew out at 9 am and made it without further ado to the capital city of Canada (we even had a really nice official at customs :)).

This is all for now, because we're about to set out for a canoe ride! TTFN~

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Britt said...

hellooooo up there!!:) Have a great time in Canada... make the most of it(i know you will:P) See ya in a few days. Moi