Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We've been in an oven lately. Just baking. And we're cooked. The past four days have all exceeded 100F, averaging about 102 degrees. That's strictly the temperature. Take into consideration the humidity and the heat index (i.e. what the body feels) is closer to 115. *wilts*

Our poor yard is all dried out. The grass is brown and dead. As I write, there is a heat advisory in effect.

The heat wave seems to be affecting nearly all the states, though. One source says that there have been 18 heat-related deaths in seven states because of the heat.

BUT relief is on the horizon! The high tomorrow is "only" supposed to be 92!! And the day after that, we'll be all the way down to 88. (We won't mention the fact that after that the temperatures are forecast to go back up... *sigh*)

Summertime continues in the Midwest.

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