Saturday, August 19, 2006

Five, four, three, two, one... blast-off!!

Five days until I leave for France. FIVE DAYS!!! Wow. It doesn't really seem like it. (Except for the fact that I'm already packed - lol! :D) When I think, "this time next week, I'll know what my room there looks like," it kind of hits me. Wish me luck!! I think I'm gonna need it - and all the prayers I can get too. After all, it's FRANCE I'm going to. ;) (I'm just joking for those of you who happen to be French. :))

Anyway, I just thought I'd let y'all know that I've started yet another blog... this time to chart various adventures I have in Europe, especially in Paris. :) Click on over to An American in Paris. :)

August 24, here we come! :) TTFN!!

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