Thursday, August 17, 2006

Joey's Golden Birthday

It's my baby brother's 17th birthday today!!! Wow! He's taller than me, stronger than me (duh) and the best bubba anybody could ask for... right now, though, he's in Wyoming. So I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday here! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEY!!! I love you!! (Hope you're not embarrassed by me putting it here for everyone to see. ;)) God bless you on your birthday, in your coming year, and always.


Will said...

happy bday Joey!

Joey said...

thanks will! :-) I'm on vacation and I'm having problems checking my email so please dont kill me if anybody has sent me an email. :-) Thanks again will. I have to send you an email I got some great shots in Yellowstone. I'll be back on Mondayish :-) 8-)