Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Linds!!

Twenty-two years ago today my older sister was born... of course, I wasn't around to know this fact, but it is a fact just the same. :D Today, on her twenty-second birthday, I am in Paris, our other sister is in Normandy, half the family is at home in St. Mary's and the birthday-girl herself is on retreat in Phoenix!! (What a good way to spend a birthday, eh? Sounds good to me!)

So, I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday!! Her last birthday as a "single girl." :O

I hope this is a good day for you, Linds!! Best wishes for the next 22 years!!!!! :D I love you. God bless you always.

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L. said...

Nice look to the blog! VERY snifty.

Just saw this post. Thank you SO MUCH. Love you, sister! :) It WAS a grand way to spend a birthday. Heavens, I gave God the best birthday present: :-/ - my sins in general confession, and my free will resolved to do better, the best I can in response to His Grace!