Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A New Look!!

Yes, it's true!!! After 18 months (18 months tomorrow, to be exact) of white-on-black, I'm going to have mercy on the eyes of my faithful readers! :) As I reach the bench-mark of 4600 hits (at least, 4600 since I got the counter ;)), I've decided to change my template!

Goodbye to the old:

And hello to the new:

Whaddya think?? :D


MrsDoc said...

Well, okay....let's see:
1. HUGE change!
2. Loses the drama of the intense black.
3. Very girly with the pastel blue and the pink flowers.
4. Easier on the eyes, but less psychological IMPACT because of the "softness" of the presentation.

Overall, I like it! But I'm just so "Used To" the other style, it will take some time to adjust!

Monnie said...

I was reading another blog that had white-on-black and my eyes were practically going cross-eyed... which is what prompted me to consider a new template for my own!

L. said...

THIS reader is ECSTATIC!! I was one of the crossed-eyesers of yore. ;)


Mike C. said...

Since I've been scanning your blog with an RSS reader, I forgot that it used to be white-on-black. Speaking of stats, if you haven't already, you might consider setting up a feedburder account so you can get at least some slight idea about how many people are subscribed to your RSS feed. Just a thought. :-)