Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello from France!!

Hello, everyone!!

I left the States two weeks ago yesterday and arrived in France two weeks ago today! It's been a good two weeks so far, for the most part. Rose left home yesterday and has probably been in France for an hour or so as I write... that is, if she didn't miss two flights like I inadvertently did!! ;) Welcome to France, Rosie!!!

I've just updated my year-in-France blog, so if you'd like to see pictures of Cluny and an old chateau in the south of France and stuff like that, head on over to An American in Paris! :D See you there! :)

Au 'voir!
Monique :P

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MrsDoc said...

Hello to France!
We just heard from Mother Mary Catherine that Rose and Eileen made it to the school and crashed... Deo Gratias!
Thanks for posting news and pictures!
Love, Mom