Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Joey's Grad

My "baby brother" - the youngest in our family - graduated from high school this past Saturday! It was a great day, although the weather was humid and a little rainy. Joey looked so nice and I was so proud of him! Here are a few pics for your perusal. :)

entering the Auditorium in procession


processing out

making his way down the gauntlet... er... uh... the receiving line! ;)

These are most (I think four were missing) of the graduates who had been in kindergarten here thirteen years earlier, with the kindergarten teacher (who is going on 26 years of teaching kindergarten here!!).

Moms and Sons

Dads and Grads

Brother and Sisters


...Having a good time :D

Joey, with Mom and Dad

most of the family... (We were thinking of you, Joegi and Linds!!)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Joey and welcome to the "SMA K-through-12" club! Pop quiz: who were the first two people to join that club?

Monnie said...

Mike Cerny and Tammy (Freeman) Van Wamel... right??

Lindsey said...
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