Saturday, June 09, 2007

Taking Stock of the Summer, Thus Far

Well, here it is, the ninth of June, and it feels like summer is well under way. The more "settled back in" I become, the busier I become!

Joey partied his grad weekend away... until he was GLAD to stop partying and get to work! I don't think he'll forget his graduation for a long time to come. ;) He started work for maintenance, up at the school, the Wednesday after Memorial Day.

Meanwhile, at the clinic, there were disasters going on. The scheduled mud-jacking (on account of the buiilding having been constructed sans proper footings) had become a real-life nightmare, with a buckled floor, thunderous jack-hammering, unforeseen concrete-pouring, and unimagined headaches (both real and figurative!). NIGHT. MARE. That sums it up.

Thereafter, I started work at the clinic... on June 4, to be precise. I'm doing some clerical work down there a few days a week. So far, I really enjoy it. I like the work and the atmosphere, both, although the amount of material to learn is somewhat daunting. But I like that kind of a challenge! :)

Today was Miss Rolón's wedding... so, of course, she is no longer "Miss Rolón," but now "Mrs. Escalara." She was a BEAUTIFUL bride and it was a gorgeous, classy, tasteful wedding... small wonder, really! :) Rose and several of her classmates/friends (whom the bride had taught when they were in eighth grade) sang in the wedding. As I write, Rose is still at the reception.

Tomorrow, Mom, Dad, and Joey leave for NYC!! They'll be spending ten days there as Joey's grad present. It sounds like they've got EVERYTHING on their agenda, lol!, so I expect to see lots of pictures and hear many stories. :D In the meantime, Rose and I will be manning the homefront and keeping plenty busy.

So, summer is off to a rapid, but good, start. Before the summer has passed, I will be 21! :) At that point, I will renew my driver's license which expired last summer!! (It's a pain not being able to drive, but I want to wait 'til I'm 21 to renew it just so that it won't have that irritating little phrase on it: "Not 21 until..." ;) Silly of me...)

Well, my brain is really not in blog-mode at the moment. It's not really in any kind of communication mode right now! So I'm going to stop while I'm (hopefully :)) ahead, and say à la prochaine!

Bonne journée à tous!

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