Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Food for Thought... The Devil is Very Real

Can you hear me, are you listening, has your program disappeared?
I can see you, I am watching you, I've been planning this for years.
I have blacked out your television, every station in the world is mine,
And there are millions who are just like you as you sit there, paralyzed!
I have some orders which you will follow, and there's nothing you can do,
'Cos as you're looking at your T.V. screen, I am looking back at you...

Oh side by side,
We will cross that great divide,
'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye!
Oh nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye...

Turn your dial to the number that is shining on your screen,
You will notice that everything is red, you won't need blue or green,
All around me, fire is burning, yes I'm calling you from Hell,
And all those people who haven't seen me yet, will soon be under my spell.

Something's happening, sounds like thunder, maybe the Lord is on His way,
He's still angry and He's after me since I cheated on the Spanish Train,
Oh yes He's coming, and He could stop me, but He'd better make it soon,
'Cos the last time that I won a world, I made it into a moon...

Oh side by side,
We will cross that great divide,
'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye;

Oh side by side,
Forever we will ride,
'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's eye!

I can see you,
I can see you, I can see you...

These are the lyrics from Chris de Burgh's song The Devil's Eye. Really thought-provoking and not a little scary. Satan is there... perhaps more "there" now than ever before. And his greatest trick is to convince us that he doesn't exist, that he is some scary nightmare at most, to be banished with the follies of our nightly dreams and imaginings. No worries, he breathes, salvation is universal. Have no fear. There is no hell.

He is not called the "Father of Lies" for nothing! Lying is his mightiest tool. Let us not be led into his trap!
If you've ever read the book Screwtape Letters, you will know that its theme is similar to that of this song. Lucifer lies in wait to damn us. He has damned himself and in his hatred (for that is all that remains in God's absence - God being Love itself), he desires nothing so much as the damnation of all other souls ever created. He will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal.
How can anyone deny his influence in the world? Everywhere, one finds demonic things... one need look no further than the very names of rock bands, the indecent and dehumanizing fashions, the modernistic ecumenism (perhaps the deadliest of all blows to souls). He uses many methods, ranging from incredibly subtle to unmistakable. And being an intelligent spirit, he knows exactly which traps will work the best for each and every one of us.

This would all be very frightening, terrifying if we did not have God's help. God loves us more than the devil hates us. He shed every drop of His Precious Blood for us. God is our Hope... our Way, the One and Only Truth, our Life. We have free will and can deny God's grace, but if we fall, it is not for lack of God's help. Should we fall, however, we must remember that God is all-merciful and, as long as our remorse is sincere, will forgive us. (It has been said that the present is the time of mercy. After our death, it will be the time of justice. "Behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation." (2 Corinthians 6)) Let us not wait until it is too late to turn to Him! He has given us His own Mother that we may have an intercessor... She can refuse us nothing that is for our good and He can refuse Her nothing, since She refused Him nothing during her life. Let us, then, fly to the Mother of Mercy! We must beg Her to take pity on us and to shelter us from all evils, to crush the serpent's head (Genesis 3). We are Her children (John 19), and as our most-loving Mother, She seeks our happiness and our salvation. If we but call on Her, She will not let us down!

O Mary, conceived without Original Sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

**As a side-note, I found it interesting that I heard this song for the first time a few days after our local "Sursum Corda Crusade" began this summer. Our parish is "going on crusade" for two months... we're striving to give up completely all TV, all movies, and internet as much as possible, between the Feasts of the Sacred Heart and of the Immaculate Heart. TV is very little but what is evil and giving it up should be no loss for any Catholic. Movies, while not evil in themselves, are certainly frivolous, can be a waste of time, and open our homes and our hearts to the influence of the world. Internet, while not evil in itself either, easily becomes a waste of time, a worldly influence, and even an occasion of sin. Therefore, our parish is aiming to replace these sources of entertainment with more wholesome, societal interaction and has planned many kinds of activities to take their place: an embroidery guild, a walking club, a bocce ball league, fishing outings, drama productions, parish picnics, etc! My point being... this song REALLY struck home, following on the heels of the beginning of our crusade to free ourselves from the TV... and thereby "the Devil's Eye"!

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