Friday, June 15, 2007

A Meme

I was tagged by Linds to do a meme!
Seven things you probably don't know about me.

Hmm. Just how much DO you know about me?? LOL! Well, I'll see if I can't enlighten you a little further. ;)

1. I was in a motorcycle wreck two years ago.

2. The longest crush I ever had on someone lasted about four years (although, I have to admit, it was off-and-on).

3. I have been without a valid driver's license for 10 months.

4. I graduated high school at the "tender age" :) of 16. (Okay, maybe you knew that already.)

5. I was born in the same hospital - in fact, in the room NEXT DOOR to - where my sister had been born nearly 23 months before.

6. I have been in half of the fifty states and seven foreign countries (eight if you count catching connecting flights in London :P).

7. I took English riding lessons for a time and absolutely loved it... but it killed my knees and I had to quit. :(

...Whew! That was harder than I thought it would be!! I must be an awfully open person, if there are so few things you didn't know about me! ;) ...And now, even those are out!!! :O

I am passing the baton along, so I hope that Seby, Rose, Maiella, and Sara will accept the invitation to participate. :) Anyone else who'd like to join is More Than Welcome to leave their contribution in my comments! Thanks and I look forward to reading your responses. :)

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Maex said...

Apparently I don't spend much time surfing because I don't think I saw your other sites until today. And btw, I love your photography site. Those are some beautiful pictures!!!