Thursday, April 30, 2009


April showers bring... May flowers showers?
Check out how much rain we got for the month of April! (The column on the left is this month's numbers; the column on the right shows the averages for April.) Over twice as much as average, and a full half of that amount has fallen in the last five days. The ground is so saturated, it has no place to go; not to mention that the rain falls in such torrential downpours that there'd be no soaking it up even if the ground was dry... The fields look like lakes and the creeks look like rivers. And as the forecast shows, there's more rain still to come!

At least the lightning and thunder have been impressive. :)

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Dominique Pekelharing said...

I wish we could have some of all that rain, as we are in a state of semi-drought atm! Water restrictions are going to be imposed soon if we continue to have no rain... and considering the time of year it doesn't seem likely we will have much! :-/