Saturday, April 04, 2009


Well, I haven't been "in the mood" to blog lately... evidenced by the dearth of recent posts. :) But I thought I'd swing by and update everyone, at least briefly.

First of all, I can't believe it's April!! And I can't believe Palm Sunday is tomorrow. This Lent has really flown.
My mom and I had had plans to go out to Illinois to visit AB and then drive with him from there to Georgia, where his parents live. He and I have been dating for over 8 months now and I still hadn't met his parents, so we decided that his Spring Break would be a good time for that. :) We were supposed to leave for Illinois on St. Joseph's Day, but on St. Patrick's Day got a call that one of AB's aunts had passed away suddenly and the funeral would be in Minnesota. Sudden change in plans! His parents were going to fly from Georgia to Minnesota in short order and AB himself left the school the evening of the 17th to drive up to Wisconsin, spend the night with his sister, and continue on to Minnesota the next day. First, Mom and I were going to drive up to Minnesota. Then, we weren't. Then, we were. The final verdict was that we went and, as a bonus, got to visit with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. :D Another bonus to this sudden change in plans was that instead of just meeting AB's parents, I also met all of his dad's side of the family and more than half of his mom's side of the family!
I spent Thursday night (March 19) at Joe and Lindsey's. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, I spent at AB's Aunt Mary's house. (Very kind of her to let me stay there, sight-unseen! :)) Friday afternoon and evening was the wake... exhausting, but really good. Saturday morning was the funeral; Saturday afternoon was spent at AB's paternal grandparents' with an assortment of relatives :); Saturday evening, we all drove out to the boonies (to a town with a population of 107) to listen to his uncle's band Corridor play - lots of fun! :) Sunday morning, we went to Mass at the SSPX chapel and AB and I had breakfast at Perkins with his parents. After a couple of hours at his maternal grandfather's, we went over to his aunt and uncle's house for a birthday party/impromptu family reunion, which lasted the rest of the day. On Monday, after breakfast at AB's paternal grandparents', we drove back to the Twin Cities. Spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with my mom, sister, brother-in-law and niece... and their 85-pound German Shepherd puppy! :) Tuesday morning, we headed out to return to St. M. The rest of AB's Spring Break was spent here - the fastest five days ever! That was enjoyable, complete with some legwork for educational possibilities, a roller-skating outing, mid-morning coffee, and late-night socializing with friends. :)


In meteorological news, it's about 70 degrees here today, with 30-mph winds gusting to 40-mph. Tomorrow, there's a chance of snow. Even for Kansas, this is pretty crazy Spring weather!!

My younger sister is in London! She flew out of MSP yesterday evening and called from London this morning to let us know she'd arrived safely. She'll spend four days there, with friends, and then will somehow get to Ireland (whether by plane or train and ferry hasn't been decided yet) where she will spend Easter and the following week, before returning to the States. Last night was her ninth overseas flight (that is, this will be her fifth round trip), but this is her first time to England and Ireland. I hope she has a good time! :)


We got sixteen tons of top soil put in our raised garden beds this morning. (Thank Heaven for 17-year-old boys! :D We had six or eight of them working here all morning for a fundraiser.) So we're moving closer to putting our garden in... exciting! :) Now if it would just quit snowing! Didn't anybody tell the clouds that it's April?!! ;)
At any rate, I think we'll be planting lettuce seeds first... and then we'll probably start hardening off our little tomato plants and our bell pepper and leek seedlings. Wish us luck! :)


Oh yes! I almost forgot to mention that my dad's 2000 Chevy Silverado "got assaulted" by a white-tailed doe on March 31, when he was driving home from delivering a baby. It was right at twilight and he saw one deer standing by the side of the road, braked, let it pass, and kept going - only to have a second deer jump out in front of the truck! Quite unusual in March, but probably due to the very mild winter we (have) had. The truck is now in the shop and we're waiting to hear the verdict on whether it is considered totaled or not.

So there's a brief synopsis of some recent events. I'll have more news come Monday or Tuesday... but for the time being, it's still under wraps. (It won't affect any of my long-distance readers, but it will affect my local readers. Stay tuned.)

As always, thanks for dropping by and reading! :) God bless~

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