Friday, July 15, 2005

Midsummer Night's Post

It's not the feast of St. John the Baptist but it is just about the middle of my summer vacation! :)

Let's see... 4th of July was very nice - just a day at home with family, very relaxing and just nice! :D On July 7, there were those bombings in London. A couple days later, we picked up a lady at the airport who was visiting from England. She stayed until Thursday, the 14th... yesterday She was pretty nice though we didn't actually see a WHOLE lot of her. It was her second trip to the United States.
Dad has delivered 3 babies in the last 3 days. I made homemade honey-white bread today (YUM! YUM!) and went to Tully's (Irish Pub and Pizzeria - yeah, it's an odd combo but it works :) ) for dinner.

It's been quite a hectic week but nothing interesting enough to put into detail on (virtual) paper. The first from my graduating class (class of '03) to get married will have her wedding tomorrow. I'm going to that... Sunday, I have my second English-style horse-riding lesson!! Exciting but just the tiniest bit nerve-racking too!

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. It's 10 'til midnight so I think I'll turn in pretty soon... TTYL~

In the Most Pure Heart of Mary,

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