Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sociality, part II

Alrighty, well, today... let's see... I went to the 9 am Mass with Mom, Rose, and Joey. It was Fr. (Robert) Aaron Jackson's first Solemn High Mass here in St. Mary's. We stood in St. Jude's Plaza afterwards for first blessings... we waited an hour and there were still people waiting (probably 40 minutes' worth left when we got out of there)!!!

At 3 o'clock, Rose and I met a friend of mine and said the Rosary in the Grotto. It was really, really nice. Rather warm but we were in the shade and there was a slight breeze. There's something about nature that's very conducive to meditation, so it was quite lovely. From there, we went to the reception that was being held for Fr. Jackson in the Auditorium. I stood around and talked with classmates and friends until 5:15 or so....... home for dinner and off again at 7 to meet everybody at the park for volleyball. I never actually play volleyball (though I have before in my life which is how I know I don't like playing ;)) so I sat at a picnic table and watched everyone else play. :D That's fun enough for me!! Sadly, we were joined by some rather disreputable characters :/ so most of us broke it up and left just about 9 o'clock.

Back at home, we were all in more-or-less goofy moods and took a bunch of silly pictures... black mail material!! :P
Got to know a friend's sister a little better throughout the day... 'twas quite nice. (Hi Sara! :D I don't know if you ever read this blog but hi anyway. ;))

I'll post a couple pictures when I get them in the computer in a little bit~

This is my last day of being 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O Eeks, 19 sounds so old!!! :O :/ :O :/

'Til Later,
Thanks for reading,
In Mary, Help of Christians,

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