Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gaudete Sunday and the Struggle for Christmas

"Rejoice in the Lord" -- Gaudete Sunday -- two weeks until the coming of Our Lord and Savior!

The world is in darkness, awaiting the birth of the Christ Child... well, the world is most certainly in darkness... I can't say how many people actually realize the full meaning of Christmas itself. It is already celebrating Christmas... er... "the holidays" - whatever that means! - weeks in advance.

What of the debate over whether to call it a Christmas tree or not? I suppose it was inevitable that it would come to this. It's not just an argument over a word... it's an argument of ideals. And when the meaning of Christmas had already been successfully and thoroughly secularized and materialized, it was a logical conclusion to take the word "Christmas" out of Christmas itself... at least they're not being hypocritical about it now, right?! :/
From USA TODAY:"We want to be sensitive to all ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs," said Marc Steczyk, a town spokesman (of Fishers, Indiana). "We're in the business of treating all people how they should be treated."
And yet, they're showing a marked intolerance of the religious beliefs of the Catholics (and Christians).
From a different source: "Bobby Jackson, who runs a tree lot, says they have a large variety.
"We got Frayser, Douglas, Blue Spruce and pines, but no Holiday Trees. No Holiday Trees," said Jackson."
Congratulations to Donnie Hatt, the Nova Scotia tree grower who is willing to stand up in the spirit of REAL ecumenism: "Donnie Hatt, of Beech Hill, says he wouldn't have sent his 36-year-old, 16-metre white spruce this year if he knew it would be called a "holiday" tree. In fact, he'd rather see it run through the wood chipper in his backyard." (The article here.)

And Christmas carols are banned as well. "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen" can't be played on the radio in Canada, because it ought to be "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlepeople"!! :O Ridiculous.
And there's the school in Wisconsin that changed the words to Silent Night into a witch song! The first verse now goes:
"Cold in the night, no one in sight
Winter winds, whirl and bite
How I wish I were happy and warm
Safe with my family out of the storm."

It's frightening to think of what this world deserves and yet ANY punishment at this point would not only be just, but also merciful! I think it would be a good idea to offer this year's Christmas Mass in sincere reparation for the sins and blasphemies against God Himself and His Holy Mother. It is said that the Divine Son will forgive any offence against Himself, but will punish those who offend His Mother. Let's ask her to help us make this Christmas our best yet. God bless and Mary keep you!

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Sara Jane III said...

sad sad sad sad sad sad sad. They're so worried about 'being sensitive to all ethnic backgrounds', but to do this they go against the majority. Is this the 'American Way'???? ;p