Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Second-Day-of-Christmas!

Good afternoon! It's an unseasonably warm afternoon for us here. Feels more like Easter than Christmas!! Yesterday, we broke the record high by one degree - the new record high for December 26 is 61 degrees!!! :O Insane.

Well, I hope you all had very nice Christmas Days. We (all but Dad) went to Midnight Mass - although Rose and I had to get there at 10 in order to get decent seats! The church was - predictably - packed with about 3 people on every kneeler and people at least two rows deep standing the whole way round the church. I got to bed about 3-something in the morning and Joey woke me up a little after 9 for breakfast and to open presents. I got some very nice things this year - an iPod and an FM-transmitter-car-charger-combo to go with it, a 300-mm lens for my digital camera, a taple-top tripod, a silk lens cloth, a cool book on photography, a musical jewelry box ("Fur Elise"), Hayley Westenra's new CD, and clothes. (Thank you, everyone!!!) Lindsey arrived just as we had finished opening our presents to each other, so then we opened all the ones from her and she opened hers from us. After opening gifts, we spent a few hours just playing with all our new toys. ;) Mom and Rose had gotten digital cameras, so the flashes were going off like crazy everywhere one turned! ;) Sarah Brown called and I got to talk to her for about 20 minutes. Then chatted online with Jozef. We went to take a Christmas family picture and got really silly, resulting in many incriminating photos. :P After a casual dinner (everyone was too full of sweets and goodies to eat a real holiday dinner) of tamales, Lindsey headed back out to Kansas City and Mom, Rose, Joey and I went driving around for about 45 minutes to see some of the Christmas lights in the area. There was one house in Rossville that was ENTIRELY too extreme!! They had hundreds of lit-up things in their yard. Everything from a giant snowglobe (about a story tall) to nutcrackers to toy soldiers to giant candy canes which arched over their sidewalk to Santa Claus and his whole entourage - TONS of stuff! ......upon returning home, the rest of the evening was spent importing and uploading pictures and talking with Jozef and (mostly) Maddie.
Monday, I slept way in!!! (But yes, I did wake up while it was still "AM." ;)) I did laundry and put away Christmas presents. Then, Rose and I went to the car wash since it was nice weather and the van needed it desperately. Rose went Christmas caroling in the evening with her classmates and Mom and I sat down to watch "The Truman Show." We got interrupted about 15 minutes into it by a phone call from Christine! :D I talked to her for nearly two-and-a-half hours... was really good to catch up, as we hadn't talked since mid-September! :O Mom and I resumed the movie a little after 11 and got done with it about 1 am! When I got upstairs, I discovered that Jason was online and pretended I was shocked that he was online at one in the morning. ;) He claimed holiday privileges and then I really had no room to talk, ;) because I continued talking with him for a little bit and then Joe got on and, since it had been since September with him too, I chatted with him for a couple of hours! Finally went to bed very late.
Got up this morning at a relatively ;) decent hour (9:something) and haven't done too much very productive today yet (aside from typing out my History notes - I know... can you believe I did schoolwork today?!?!), but I plan on it! :P I'll probably do some cleaning and call Nick... tonight, Dad and I are going over to the Mooneys to talk with their daughter about Switzerland, because my latest plan in life is to spend the majority of 2007 over there! :D We'll see...

That about brings you up-to-date though! :) Here're a few pictures...

Another of the family pictures (I already posted a different one in the previous post...)

One of those incriminating photos I was talking about! ;)

The completely overdone yard... the picture doesn't do it justice.

My Christmas outfit... that's the grey skirt I referred to making in an earlier post.

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