Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pictures!! :D

Here, at last!, are the pictures I promised over a week ago... a lot of them are on my smugmug site... you might've seen 'em there, but whatever. :P Here they are on my blog... Enjoy~

Before Sunday's performance of Antigone... Dave and I...
the Sarahs!
The cameras were ubiquitous the whole weekend!!
Emilie, upon letting her hair down! ;)
Mom and Rose, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving
Before the Wednesday morning show... Dave, Nick and I...
Being silly with Linds late that night...
Thanksgiving dinner
Receiving a tae kwon do lesson from Joey :D
Thanksgiving day... while working on my History paper...
A DELICIOUS caramel-pecan refrigerator pie... YUMMMMMM
Linds and I
At the square dance the day after Thanksgiving... a good way to work off some of that turkey and pie!
Sara and I, after the dance
Linds, in her new 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo LS
At Mary's party, the Sunday after Thanksgiving
First snowfall of the season!! November 28...

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MrsDoc said...

WOW! Thanks for all the photos! I think I am now totally CaughtUp. Keep 'em comin'!!