Sunday, February 15, 2009

Corona Mariae

Yesterday afternoon, the Corona Mariae took place. Latin for "Mary's Crown," this is the name given to the annual basketball match(es) between St. Mary's Academy and La Salette Boys' Academy. This was the fourth year that it has been held... and, sadly, for my alma mater, the fourth year in which La Salette has won the cup. (For the record, although I am dating the coach for La Salette's junior varsity, I did root for St. Mary's. :))

Nonetheless, the games were extremely enjoyable to watch. Something about the unadulterated masculinity on the courts... not to mention in the stands! :) I know that St. Mary's got a lot of flack and (at least local) media coverage for not accepting a female referee at one of their basketball games a couple of years ago, but at the risk of being controversial myself, I agree with their position. There's something so inappropriate about a female being intimately involved in a contact sport. (I'm not dissing on soccer moms or female spectators. I'm speaking, rather, of cheerleaders and the like.) Anyway, that could be an entire post in itself and it's not my point here, so... moving on :) ...St. Mary's won the junior-varsity game 33 to 21. La Salette won the varsity match 44 to 35. The varsity game was surprisingly intense and, to my untrained-eyes at least, very well played. We were ahead at the end of the third quarter and it was only in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter that the La Salette Lions pulled ahead! Very exciting... and exhausting! It's amazing how exhausting it can be to sit on the bleachers and watch! LOL!

Afterwards, there was a banquet for the teams and then more games/other competitions followed. I'm hopeful that this went a long way to further the camaraderie between the two schools.
...So it was a fun day - and a happy St. Valentine's Day, since the games' falling on February 14 allowed me to spend just a little time with Mr. Borg while he was in town. :)

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bakerstreetrider said...

I don't get the whole "boys need to mix with girls in sports" at all. Having played soccer in an all-girls league, I know that having a guy in it would have been both unfair and unpleasant. It seems unfair to insist men make a concession to have women play with them, when they don't ask for the same. It also messes with the level of playing, since men can compete at a higher level of strength and skill. It has bad effects for camaraderie, on either side. Something I find interesting is that when a woman plays in a men's league she is always regarded as the "woman on the team," and not as a player on the team. Though feminists argue otherwise, co-ed leagues only encourage a gender dichotomy, and do not reduce it.
Even though cheerleading does not play an integral role in sports, this role also used to be held by men, I think because men are louder. I don't know when it became sexualized, though I have a hunch it was when it became a woman's role. It would be an interesting thing to look up.