Sunday, February 08, 2009

Global Warming??

Tonight's forecast: Darkness and weather after 10 PM. Tomorrow, there's a 100% chance of daylight and continuing weather. ;)

Yesterday and the day before, we had lovely, beautiful weather! We lifted the windows and propped open the doors. The fresh air was... just that! a breath of fresh air! :) The sunshine was invigorating and the warmth revivifying. It never fails to amaze me the effect that weather - good or bad - can have on one's morale! I felt more motivated yesterday than I have since Christmas.
Come to find out, we set a new record high. 71 degrees! No wonder it didn't feel like February 7!
I seized the mood and set about making cinnamon rolls for this morning's breakfast.
While those were rising, I whipped up several dozen chocolate chip cookies.

And while those baked, I snatched the chance to go sit outside and soak up a few rays. The light was sooo pretty, albeit the grass is still brown.
Later, as I was browsing through some old blog posts, I came across three previous ones related to weather... All of them talked about unseasonably warm weather. I have not, in four years, written a single post about unseasonably cold weather. Maybe there's something to that global warming after all?!? :P


Your Photo Tips said...

I'm not too sure but I think that looking at those cookies really warmed me up! That's a really great view BTW and makes me want to move to the country.


A Borg said...

The weather has been great in Illinois also. I hope it stays this way.

And as good as those cookies look, I think they need to be tested before they are distributed. For the sake of the common good I would like to volunteer my taste buds. ;)