Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back to School

Well, school is back in session now. Three days running... It's dead week here at the college, for finals begin next Tuesday. Things are off to a gradual start and I'm not too worried yet. Monday night, I'll be freaking out.
My exam schedule runs something like this:
Tuesday - Physical Science, Theology, and History
Wednesday - Latin (written and oral) and Ethics
Thursday - nothing
Friday - Liturgy
I really wish Thursday and Friday were swapped. Liturgy is a 1-credit class and it's just a nuisance to put it off like that. Besides, if it were Thursday, I could have a four-day weekend!! :) ....C'est la vie.

I was happy to finally get my Liturgy mid-term back yesterday - I scored a 93, which is about 10 points higher than I was expecting to get... so that was good news. :D More good news came when I got my History paper back. I got an A!!!! Yay!!! I can't honestly say I'm very surprised, because I did think it was a good paper. But the rumor had circulated that no one had gotten an A and that the highest grade was an A-. I'd been counting on my paper to help my grade, which I think is a B+ right now (that's a good grade for this History class). So that did indeed make me happy. :) to do well on the History final! :/

The finals I'm most worried about are History, Theology, and Ethics. Latin should be no problem. And Physical Science... well, it'll take some study, but not so much that it'll kill me. ;) There's not enough material in Liturgy to REALLY worry about it. But the amount of material covered in Theology, Ethics and History is DAUNTING!!!! So you've gotta pray for me, okay? :D Most especially this coming Tuesday. Once Wednesday afternoon rolls around, I'll be flying pretty high (as long as I don't bomb anything).

I know this is a really boring post, but that's what's going on in my student life right now. :) I don't really have any other life at the moment, so that's what you get! I'll let you know how things go with grades and all... 'til next!


Sara Jane III said...

Well, good luck on your finals there, girly! Do you not get a break between semesters, then? (really, our set-up is better). When are you going to comment on my new blog, so I know you've been there. *impatiently taps foot*

Christalin said...

You will be in my prayers, Monica!

MrsDoc said...

Praying for you ~ Ora et labora!