Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weird Weather

We set a new record high temperature for today. With a high of 65*F, we surpassed the 1990 record by one degree. It was absolutely gorgeous today!!!! We opened up the house and thoroughly enjoyed it... even though that did make it rather difficult to take the studies seriously. ;)

I made a WHOLE BUNCH of chocolate chip cookies this afternoon - with Rose's help. :) ...Brain food for exam week, ya know. :D Veddy important!! Of course, making cookies didn't help the studying progress any either... nor is taking the time to post helping either! :/
Therefore, y'all'd better wish me luck and keep me in your fervent prayers! I'm gonna need 'em!! Okay?? Thanks! :)

And with that, I'm off to tackle History... once more into the breach, my friends, once more! :P

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