Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Eve of February


Today was a very long, rather difficult day. Very long. (And actually it should've been even longer, except that I accidentally overslept an hour and a half!) I woke up at 6:50, got ready for school, dashed off a couple of e-mails, ate breakfast, gathered my books and was off to school. The boys had a conference with Fr. Schmidberger this morning at 9, so there were only girls in Physical Science - reminded me uncannily of the ol' girls' school days! - and we couldn't do the lab that we've been trying to fit in since before Christmas. I worked on Metaphysics all throughout the following free hour. Then we had Theology and after that Latin. It wasn't a BAD morning - it just wasn't an easy one. Mentally wearing.

Jozef called right as I got out of Latin. I called him back ten minutes later and he said he'd call me back 30 minutes after that. So I went and ate lunch. Just as I finished with that, he called back and I talked to him for an hour. That wasn't the most stress-free conversation - so no mental break. I talked right up until the bell and then ran to History class... the notes were coming thick and fast but my mind was wandering, which made it doubly hard. But I managed. Last hour was Metaphysics. I had read ahead in the book, but it was still a struggle to keep up and try to assimilate information of that nature. A slight incident in that class - wherein Father got momentarily upset - didn't help and, for some reason (maybe because my nerves were already a little raw), it shattered whatever mental capabilities had been remaining. ;) My brain was toast by 4 o'clock.

After school, I started typing out History notes... then got a text message from Rose saying to come home soon because our package from the O'Farrells had arrived! I got home at 4:45 and we opened the package immediately. That lifted my spirits more than I thought they could be lifted at that point! :) Dinner helped as well, fortunately. And I was actually feeling like almost new by 6:15, when I left to carpool to Topeka for a ballroom dancing lesson (2nd week of 10).

The lesson went well and was actually somewhat encouraging (it is actually possible for me to learn to dance! ;)) - but by the end of the hour, I was VERY tired!! We stopped at Spangles on the way back for refreshment... and I got back home about 9:30 pm.

Just one of those days that leave no time for mental relaxation. The kind of day that proves you're only too human. ;) But God knows what each of us can take, and so the day wasn't entirely miserable. :P In fact, I complain far too much!! There were quite a number of little highlights throughout the day - people being friendly and courteous helps a ton and just makes the day go so much more smoothly!
Anyway, that's my vent for the evening! It's now nearly midnight and I must be on my 8th wind by now!! :) Actually, I'm sorta zombie-ish at the moment. So I'm going to bed. Thanks for braving another post of mine! God bless~

..............oh, by the way! Just a matter of statistics - this is my 150th post!!


MrsDoc said...

Well-described! At the end, I felt like I had practically gone through that day with you, Monnie!

God is GOOD!

MrsDoc said...


It looks like this blog will be a year old in 3 weeks or so!!

Congratulations in advance!

Will said...

OK, that picture is just awesome!! Great goin, eh?!

Monnie said...

I took that picture on the fly - driving down the road at 30 mph. Funny how you can put so much effort into one picture and then one which is just snapped on the run can turn out so much better, eh? ;)

L. said...

Hey, when the going gets tough... ;)

...The tough get going!

Sara Jane III said...

My sympathies to you. But now you know you'll never have to live through January 31, 2006 EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! *meant to be encouraging*

Love and Toodles!

Joseph Carroll said...

Nice. G'day eh?