Monday, January 23, 2006

Hiatus Between Semesters

[Disclaimer: This is a LONG post. Be forewarned. ;)]

This past weekend was the three-day weekend we have between semesters at school. It was PACKED full with sociality. ;) (Well, except today, but anyway...)

Friday, I finished my last exam at 11 am. Over the lunch hour, Sarah and I went to MJ's and she was kind enough to treat me to a cappucino and we split a cinnamon roll. When we got back to the school, we went over her Latin before her oral. Meanwhile, there was dancing going on in the reading room, springing from the pure joy of being finished with finals! :D That afternoon, at home, Mom, Rose, Joey and I played some MadGab and watched the beautiful snow fall. Friday evening, I went to the square dance which was soooo much fun!!

I had a GREAT time! It was the best time I've had at a square dance yet (and this was my seventh). I danced all the dances... something like 10 or 11 in all. :) Very sore feet afterwards, which is a very good sign! ;) I got to bed a little after 2 am.

Saturday, I slept in and then went to Froggy's for a couple of hours. In the afternoon, Rose and I cleaned the basement.

At 4 o'clock, Nick, Jozef, Sarah and Mariann came over. Dave and Matt joined us closer to 5. We played MadGab in the basement until dinner time. Dinner was very yummy! It consisted of pulled-pork sandwiches, chips, okra, pickled baby corn, and black olives. It was followed up with after dinner mints.

After dinner, we played/sang/listened to music...

Then we played Taboo. That got pretty funny!

Finally, there were "goodbye" pictures with Jozef...

That night, it was to bed about midnight.

Up Sunday in time for the 6 o'clock Mass. *yawn* Rose and I had a rather hilarious saga later in the morning. We went to get a car wash (automatic, since it was Sunday)... Mom gave us the money for it and we went and got the Blazer washed and dried. Then we were going to go for a ride. Well, I didn't realize that Rose was going to go on the gravel roads... muddy roads, no less, since the snow was melting! By the time we got back into town, the car looked worse than before the car wash!!! :/ :O We decided we'd go back and get it washed again. The cheapest wash there was cost $4 and required exact change. We had $3.75. By this time, it was about 11:40 and we were supposed to meet some people up at the school at noon to go ice-skating. We looked for the necessary quarter everywhere. In vain. We even got out at the car wash and I scoured the ground in the area looking for quarters. No luck. It was extremely funny, at least to me. We called Jozef, but got no answer. So then I called Dave and asked if we could borrow a quarter. He was confused, I think, why a quarter would be so important on such short notice, :P but I explained to him in brief and he's getting cookies for his pains anyway. ;) So then Rose and I very quickly went back over to the car wash and accomplished what we had originally set out to do, i.e. get the car clean. :) We got home at something like 11:59 am. :D
We met Joe, Sarah, Nick, Kevin, Larry, Will and Will up at the college. Joe and Sarah rode with us in the Blazer - actually, Joe did the driving. The peanut gallery in the backseat (i.e. Rose, Joey and Sarah) was in fine form and there were lots of laughs!! :D

Skating was VERY fun. The rink was really small (rinky dink... haha), but there weren't many people there, so we were about one-third to one-half of the "population." Thus we were able to have a lot of fun. Of course, the Canadians were really good. Actually, all the guys were good. Joe and Larry were FAST!! Wow. It's so much fun to watch someone who's good at something! They played tag (too fast for me to compete with! ;)) and we played crack the whip... until we were told to stop (about half an hour later). :D

Joe, Larry and Sarah took turns with the hockey jersey in favor of Canada. :D


The absolute best thing, though, was when Joe jumped over Will!! Oh my gosh!! That was either brave, trusting or stupid on Will's part. :P (j/k) It was very impressive on Joe's part. :D The other Will got this fantastic photo of it!!!

Group photo...

We had a lot of fun on the way home, as we did on the way there. Back in St. Mary's - or rather, on the other side of St. Mary's - we took the Blazer out and tested its "zero to sixty" capabilities. It clocked out at 12.10 seconds... with five people in the car.
At home, we ate the dinner Dad had prepared... with courses and wine in true Italian style. :) Immediately thereafter, I left for Annie's going-away party. I went with Sarah and we stayed until about 8:15. They were playing Psychiatrist which was a lot of fun, but we had also been invited to the Freds' for dessert and games, so we went there as well. We stayed 'til 10 o'clock, playing Cranium. By that point, I was QUITE tired... although, as always, when I got home, I got a second wind and didn't go to bed until after one.

Today, I slept in 'til 9:15, made cookies with Rose, did some laundry, watched a movie, and unsuccessfully tried to finish several other things. Will came over and he and Joey did work on Algebra and computer generation all afternoon and evening, taking a break to watch a movie. :P Not the most eventful day in the world, but pretty good nonetheless. It has been so awesome not to have schoolwork this weekend!!! I keep having a guilty conscience about not doing schoolwork, but there's none to do!! :D Too bad we only get three days off....

Anyway, this post is now VERY long and it's late... I need to go to bed because the daily grind begins again tomorrow...
If you made it this far, you have my sincere congratulations! If not, I understand completely. ;)
For now, though, I wish you a good night and may God bless you~


Sara Jane III said...

pretty impressive picture there; that would SO not be me lying on the ice! Love MadGab, Taboo and Cranium. You are so my type of people. anywho, have a good day!

Sara Jane III said...

(So is SO my favorite word at the moment):P

Joseph Carroll said...

byw-I usually don't go walking around playing guitar with my eyes closed, usually