Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year

Hello, dear reader!

I had a very nice New Year's weekend. I hope you did, as well. On Friday, I made Italian bread and an old friend and a new friend of mine came over for part of the afternoon. :) The old friend had other obligations and had to leave, but the new friend stayed for dinner and then we (five of us) went and saw the Chronicles of Narnia in Topeka. That was pretty good!! That night, Lindsey came in from Kansas City.
On Saturday, New Year's Eve, I went to Mary Varnado and Robert Campbell's wedding... another girl from my graduating class to get married! Makes me feel kinda old. ;) It was a very nice wedding...

That afternoon, I made more Italian bread (the stuff I'd made the day before had been a little too heavy for my liking), while Mom and Rose worked on making the meatballs and cheese mixtures for the homemade lasagna (a recipe we got years ago from an old authentically-Italian :) man). Rose also worked on the Italian Wedding Cake which we were going to have for dessert. About 6 pm, we had a candlelight dinner accompanied by soft, instrumental Italian music... it was lovely!!!! There's a certain magic that comes of candlelight and music.

We gave Mom and Dad a little anniversary present and had the Italian Wedding Cake (scrumptious!!!) and some liqueurs. Then we set off the little poppers we had gotten and made a mess, but had fun doing it. ;) I chatted online with friends that night, until a little before midnight. I made sure I was on my knees when the new year came in though. :)
New Year's Day - Mom and Dad's 23rd Wedding Anniversary!!! We went to the 9 am Mass, at which Joey served Master of Ceremonies for the first time. He did a good job! After Mass, we left for Kansas City where we went ice-skating at Crown Center. It was a little crowded, being New Year's, but not too bad. Lindsey met us there later on (having gone to a later Mass) and we skated for about two-and-a-half hours in all.

We had planned on eating dinner at Pierpont's (sp?) in Union Station but they were closed. Another place we tried was also closed. We ended up eating at Buca di Beppo in the Plaza.

The food was AWESOME, as was the service!! The decor was.... interesting. ;) Over all, though, it was a pretty neat place. We looked at the lights in the Plaza after dinner and then headed home. Rose did the driving for the whole trip and did a very good job. Those in the back of the van got some shut-eye in on the ride back and we reached home a little after 9 pm.
Today, Rose, Joey and I did some exercising (to soothe those guilty consciences about all the good food we've eaten over the holidays :P) and we've all been doing some badly needed cleaning! This afternoon, if I have time, I might sew myself another skirt. I got some really pretty fabric the other day...

That's all for now! A week from today we'll be back in school. *sob* And two weeks from tomorrow, we'll be suffering through exams. Oh joy. Well! it's back to cleaning and organizing and all that good stuff. :D God bless!

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Christalin said...

Monnie, that was a great post! :) Cook and Mary's wedding looks like it was very nice....I also looked at the pictures on your smugmug site. That is one wedding I wish I could have gone to. I am glad that you had a nice New Year's weekend, because I know I did. :) I will be thinking and praying for all of you poor people during exam week, you can be assured of that!! I know what you will be going through all too well.....