Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Year!

Five days into the year of Our Lord, 2009!! Almost a decade into this new millenium. It goes so fast!!

Life finds me working only a few hours per week for Dad, living in a small town that gradually grows more beloved to me all the time, courting a very good man that I never dreamed I'd be courting, trying to hold my own in a society that is daily less Godly and hourly more evil...

I had a wonderful two-week stretch over the Christmas holidays! We had a full house, with five house guests (all family) and a couple of big dogs. There was lots of noise, lots of laughter, lots of love... and a little of the frustration that is bound to come of too many nights with too little sleep. But it was lovely and well-worth it. The house is quiet now, but the residual companionship and joy still hovers. It's sunny and just at freezing today, and even though I am very tired and battling a head cold/sinus infection, I'm in good spirits.

Hopefully this year will be a good one!! :) Everyone seems to have been slammed with crosses right at the start, but that's - in some ways - such a consolation!

At the moment, as I look ahead, these are what come to mind:
In three weeks, I'll be flying with Dad to Texas to meet Lindsey and Chloe there, for a five generation reunion!
In four weeks, I'll be flying with Dad to Minnesota from Texas to spend a couple of days with the DeLallos and a couple of days in Winona, for the taking of the cassock.
In mid-February, the St. Mary's vs. La Salette basketball match will take place here in St. Mary's. I may even attend. :)
Unconfirmed as of yet, but possibly in the works, in late March, Mom and I may go with AB to visit his family in Georgia.
Sometime thereafter, a possible professional "adjustment" may occur for Dad. Also unconfirmed as of yet.
In June, I plan to attend the Ordinations of several deacons in Winona...

Thereafter, it's fairly "hazy" as to what I'll be up to... And with so much economic uncertainty and the probability of social and possibly political unrest, any and all of these things are subject to change. But such is life! It's in God's hands... And hopefully, someday, with 20/20 hindsight, we will see the picture that He has woven with the events in our lives.

Here's to 2009! :) Best wishes and God bless!

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A Borg said...

I had a very similar vacation! ;) It was probably one of the best Christmas vacations I have ever had.