Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Pictures of Late

A pictorial summary of some recent events...

They are apparently tearing down (at least a part of) this old building adjacent to the silos and across from the Co-op!
Mom and I got our hair cut the other day - January 21 to be exact.
Lovin' the feel of freshly-cut and styled hair!! :)

Yesterday afternoon, Mom and I went to the hockey game and family skate at the Expo Center. It was a fund-raiser for the new church building project and was well-attended! The hockey game was the Old-Timers (and Priests) vs. the Young-uns...
The Old-Timers won, 5 to 3!
Then ensued the family skate hour. I would've skated if I'd had somebody to skate with... AND if it hadn't been quite so crowded. I was glad to see it so well-attended though!
(I was practicing pan-blurring.)
Lots of little kids... :)
I'm out of town this week (and part of next), but I'll have more pictures to share either during or after my trip for sure. (Off to visit relatives and get a five-generation portrait made... and then my brother will take the cassock!)

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John said...

Actually, the rest of that building will be coming down soon- they're just waiting on some bigger equipment.