Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Rest for the Wicked

Well, hello!

It's a quarter to 9 PM, as I begin to write this and I can finally sit down and unwind. I haven't had a day quite this packed (with multiple obligations) in a long time. It actually reminded me very much of my college days, when I was taking 20 credit hours and working 10-15 hours a week and was attending rehearsals for a play we were putting on...!

My day started at 6 AM. I got up and showered and went to 7:30 Mass. Dad had planned on going with me, but hadn't slept well at all so he tried to sleep a bit longer than usual to make up for it. I had just a bit after Mass to visit with Mom before Dad and I left for Topeka a little after 9.

We went to Dillon's and completed a mega shopping trip for the "pantry" downstairs. That took until about 11:30.
We got gas and then sat down for lunch at Boss Hawg's, while we went over what was priority for the afternoon.
After lunch, we went to Burlington Coat Factory in the mall and I looked for a new dress coat (mine is six years old and is getting pretty worn)... Not having had any luck, we went to Macy's where Dad picked up some new brown slacks for 40% off. We looked for their women's winter coats, but couldn't even find them!
From the Mall, then, we went to Dick's, where we looked for a face mask for Rose (who is living in the Minnesotan tundra :)) - once again without luck! We also looked for sweats for Joey, but weren't sure exactly of what he wanted, so didn't get those either. I did, however, luck out in the way of a new casual/everyday type coat (which I also need, in order to give my dress coat a break and make it last longer). Joey has been so happy with the Columbia jacket(s) he has had that I decided to try one for myself. It's a really pretty blue, and it was on sale, so I'm happy about it! :)
Our final stop in Topeka was Swims and Sweeps downtown, where we got new fire irons, a trivet, a steamer/humidifier, and a thermometer.

We got home about 2:30 in the afternoon. I was toast by that point, so I sat down for a quick recharge by way of a cup of coffee.
By 3 o'clock, I was on my way to work... to help a new employee/trainee wrap up the day there. I thought that would take until 4:30, or maybe 5. I got home about 6:40. And, even at that, we left a lot undone that will have to be finished tomorrow. There was simply more to do than we expected and it took quite a bit longer than it really should have, complicated by a number of interruptions and unexpected things. Bummer.
I got home to a homemade bread bowl with homemade soup in it, waiting for me. (Thank you, Mom!!) I ate quickly, still in the must-get-this-done-efficiently mode. :) In an attempt to slow down a little and in the hopes of acquiring a third wind, I made myself a cup of black tea and had some m&m's. :)

A few minutes later, I was out the door again to my 7:30 Holy Hour. I had only been back a few minutes when I sat down to write this update, so that brings you up to speed! :)

It's nice to be busy... it's somehow fulfilling. But for some reason, today was a little stressful all around. Not any one thing... just mentally fatiguing and rather trying. (Oh well - I've had worse days! :) Not to complain...!)

.....Have I mentioned being mentally drained? ;) My apologies for a most unimaginative post. That's just all there is for the time being.

Until the next time~
God bless and good night!

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A Borg said...

My poor Monnie! Take it easy and don't burn yourself out!